Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Relational Revelations from My Study of Electronics

I read recently via Facebook that it is now becoming better understood that the physical human heart is "the strongest generator of electrical and magnetic fields in the body".

Got me thinking about this blog I posted several years ago on MySpace. Thought it would be another good one to share here. For the record, this came out of a Very Heated debate on the Dr. Phil site over one program that involved a man who was engaging in what he called "polyfidelity": open, and mutually agreed upon intimate relations with both his wife and another woman. The people who engaged in the debate on-line were both monogamists and active polyamorists. You think "gay marriage" is an issue? Well, wait until someone really challenges our orientation toward the "cult of pairs"! The husband of Dr. Phil's show did and the backlash was incredible...and interesting as well given the information and life experiences shared by the polyamorists.

Anyway, here are some of my related thoughts...

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There are two major ways to connect energy in a circuit, one is in series and one is in parallel.  In a series circuit, if one component fails, then energy will be cut off to all other components in that circuit.  When components are connected in parallel, one component can fail, and the others will still receive energy from the source. 

It is my observation that most people living today think they are "disconnected" from The Source; i.e. God or Divine Consciousness, or however they label It.  In fact much of religious practice is oriented towards "bridging the gap", with all kinds of different ways to go about doing that. Furthermore, since so many of us think we are "disconnected" from that Main Power Source, we are much more likely to engage in relationships where we become reliant on one another to receive the "love energy" that we feel we need.   

But what if that's really not the case?  What if in truth, we are all connected to that Source, it's just that, for all kinds of reasons, we tend to think and act otherwise, or we "resist" It's Direct Influence, the movement of that Love Energy down into and through our lives?   

Because of this resistance, we tend to orient ourselves "in series" with one another.  Each person, each component, relying on the flow of energy through the other to get our needs for Love Energy met.  With that thinking, a "break" in the circuit means "no more flow" of energy. No more love. No more happiness.  

What I have observed is that within any close relationship it is actually quite a challenge to maintain one's Individual Connection to THE SOURCE; especially because it is a spiritual rather than physical connection.  Instead, people tend to start "hooking-up" and "thinking" in "series", becoming reliant on the flow of energy through one person as the source of energy for themselves and being distracted from their Primary Source connection. 

Nevertheless, there is another way to "couple". : ))  And that is to have two components, hooked up in parallel to THE SOURCE and side by side.  In this way the energy moving through one, indirectly affects the energy flowing through the other by what is called "induction" or "inductive coupling".  Consequently, both individuals stay "connected" directly to THE SOURCE and indirectly with each other, but in a way that they can still actually "feel" each other's energy. 

But keep in mind, what they will actually be feeling is the Energy of Love, the Energy of Divine Consciousness Itself being radiated or manifested or Realized (made real) through each of them.  And even if one "component" should leave the "circuit", the other will still be able to feel Love and Energy, because they are still connected to THE SOURCE.  Their experience of "inductive coupling" with their partner may have a certain unique quality to it because of the unique quality of each person (each component) involved, but should one person leave the relationship, it will not be as if Love Itself has left, but only one of Its Many Forms, while THE SOURCE remains constant. 

I think this analogy may be of importance when considering the underlying issues between "monogamists" and "polyamorists".  Where monogamists think that there is one circuit, with the energy to be shared between only two people, or members of the immediate family unit, and "breaking the circuit" cuts off the energy flow for everyone; the polyamorists are working more "in parallel" with each other, where the current still flows in each as they move in and out of close relationship, or intimate association with one another.  Not necessarily something I'm in a position to "prove" right now, but it does fit pretty well into the overall analogy.

I think once someone really recognizes or becomes re-identified with the Truth of their own Lightness of Being, then that opens the door that much wider for Love and Caring to flow freely.  Why hold back?  Why "separate"?  Except that it is a pretty "hard habit to break". : ))  So, it just takes "practice".  Feeling the ego resisting and pulling back, and then exercising the heart muscles by drawing on The Source to Love Beyond and Through that resistance. 

And maybe, at some point along the way, there is no longer any identification with separateness, there is no resistance, The Energy and the Component become One and there is Only Light.